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We are experts in process automation, seeking to sequence everything that is predictable and repetitive so that professionals can focus on managing exceptions and delivering value.

Automate the routine and focus on what makes you unique


ERP for the comprehensive management of any legal area (administrative, documentary, economic and procedural management) with automation and connectivity as the main axes

It is a robot that allows the automation of the reading and encoding of procedural notifications, from which it extracts its most relevant information (deadlines, amounts, indications…) in the format that our clients can consume

It is a robot that automates the query to the Consignment Accounts, informing of the existing balances or their absence, and automatically requesting registration when there is no access

Automated and batch presentation of all types of Lawsuits and Writs in lexNET and E-Justice and download judicial notifications autonomously and in block

EMC Learning Consulting

EMC Learning Consulting, as part of EMC Legaltech Solutions, specialises in training and consultancy services for companies, mainly in the areas of IT and management and interpersonal skills.

Our experience and flexibility, supported by our professionalism and the exhaustive monitoring of each training course, will ensure that each collaboration is a guarantee of quality.


About us

EMC Software Jurídico was born in 2015 from the desire to offer new solutions to Law Firms, Lawyers, Companies or Recovery Management Entities, as well as to any type of Public or Private entity.

It all started with the agreement with the former owner of IURITEX, the company A.T.E.X.S.A, for the acquisition of all property and management rights related to the IURITEX Software, with a clear objective:


To offer the best management software specifically for the legal ecosystem. From that starting point, our development team has been evolving IURITEX, in a process of continuous improvement, to solve -always with automation at its core- more and more cases for our customers, and to improve its design and usability.

It was in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic when our CEO, Josep Servent, taking advantage of the months of confinement in 2020, was able to work on the project that allowed EMC to take the definitive leap to position itself as a benchmark company in the LegalTech sector: MATILDA.

Since then, we have not stopped growing (quadrupling our staff), and working to help the Digital Transformation of the Legal sector, expanding our portfolio with a range of disruptive solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Along the way, we have consolidated our idea that the future lies in having the customer at the centre, in promoting synergies that benefit the entire ecosystem, and in committing to open technologies, connectivity and automation.

As a result, in 2022 we have changed from EMC Legal Software to EMC Legaltech Solutions, and we are more excited than ever to continue building, with all of you, the future of the legal sector.

EMC: Listen, Improve, Communicate


Undoubtedly, one of the pillars of EMC is its human team. We currently have a permanent staff of 30 professionals who combine youth, experience and extensive knowledge of their specific areas.

EMC works in an essentially horizontal organisation, committed to equality between men and women and against any kind of discrimination based on age, sex, creed or nationality.

The EMC Departments and Department Heads are currently:


Josep Servent
CEO and Founder

Elisenda Freixas
General Management


Alex Andreu
Development Director

Marc Filella
EMC Partner and CTO of Punto Neutro

Support & Projects

Oscar Planas
Support Director and Project Manager


Rafa Borrás
IT Director


Manuel Bravo
CCO and Chief Operating Officer


Sandra Campos
CMO and Deputy to Management


Pilar Duarte
Head of Administration and Deputy to Management


Rocio Ramirez
Director of Legal Processes


Adolfo De Bonis
Quality Manager


Joan Servent
Director de Compliance



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