Iuritex is our management software, allowing you to manage a legal department in its entirety (administrative, documentary, economic and procedural management) from a single tool. It has a high level of automation and connectivity, which allows it to be integrated with other solutions that enrich and enhance its scope.



It allows you to automatically register files, make notes, assign them to a member of the team, relate them to other files, classify them by type of portfolio, product, situation, age or any other criteria that is important to you. It allows the integral management of a file from the moment it arrives at the office until it is closed.


The Iuritex template engine allows you to automate any brief or recurring communication, with a system of static fields and other variables related to spaces in your database. You can also link the generation of briefs to milestones in the course of a case (such as the admission of a lawsuit) or sign all documents with a click.


All the information included in Iuritex can feed your statistics. Design customised reports for your operations, with the criteria you need to measure the productivity of your team, the success rates by type of product or portfolio, the evolution of turnover… in short, everything you need to make the right strategic decisions that mark the future of your office.

Access Level

You can define the level of access to information that each member of the team has. Do you have a call handler who can only see a file number and related name? A case with several lawyers involved that only need access to their part of the information? Different hierarchical levels within your organisation? Iuritex allows you to configure access levels for you and your clients peace of mind.

How it works

Our team will seek to understand and internalise your starting point, work method, information to be migrated, work operations, key personnel.

A weekend is used to migrate all the information and to be able to start on Monday with the change already made.

This phase is fundamental, as it is where the methodology of your office is determined, the criteria for searches, the codification of files, the automation of processes, the templates to be used, the contents, the access to information for each member of the team, etc… are defined.

When you have been working with Iuritex for a long time, our team knows your needs and what we can do for you. This is when the opportunity arises to enrich the tool by creating new functionalities tailored to your needs that will help you to improve your efficiency, services and organisation.

We will accompany you throughout the process of adaptation to the new environment, until the whole team gets used to working with the new tool.


Allows you to do more with less. Iuritex automates workflows, and allows integration with other solutions for the automation of tasks that require a great deal of effort: bulk or batch filing of pleadings in Lexnet and EJusticia, and downloading of notifications (Sílex); processing, management and archiving of judicial notifications (Matilda); or consignment account queries (Sísifo).

Automates the management of files, through macros, which allow the mechanisation of the incorporation of information and data into the system at the click of a button, such as tracking lines, document archiving, mail forwarding or the generation of written documents.

Reduction of management times for certain items by allowing them to be carried out en bloc or in batches.

Incorporates a template engine that automates the generation of any recurring document or communication, linking its automated generation to certain procedural or administrative milestones in the life of the file.

Integrated and automated electronic signature of writings and documents.

Control and monitoring of the portfolio through custom dashboards. All the information included in Iuritex can feed your statistics, designing tailored reports according to the operations and strategy of your office, with the criteria you need to measure team productivity, management times or success rates.

Massive processing of information and data, with import of these to feed the system, avoiding the manual incorporation of the same, and their export, facilitating the exchange of data and information with clients.

Homologation of the system in Lexnet and EJusticia.

Addin Iuritex

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