Payments in court proceedings are managed based on consignment accounts. These accounts can only be consulted one at a time, which greatly slows down the consultation of balances resulting from legal proceedings. Sísifo automates this entire process, performing massive sweeps and presenting the results in a format that can be consumed by our clients.

How it works

We make sure that our client’s database has all the necessary information to obtain the consignment accounts to be consulted and that it has the capacity to extract it

The lawyers or solicitors who have access to accounts to be consulted periodically are identified

Define where the petitions and results are collected and delivered

It is defined how new accounts to be consulted or the cancellation of accounts that are no longer to be consulted will be reported, as well as how results will be reported

Sísifo is installed on the machine that will perform the functions of Server and on the users’ Components

A first pilot is carried out to represent the greatest possible number of cases and to involve the greatest possible number of users


Reduces manual workload by 90%

Improved cash flow

Allows for much more accurate collection forecasting

Protects the privacy of users who do not have to provide their passwords


Download the Sísifo add-on and install it on your computer